What are Enzymes?


Enzymes are needed for ALL body functions taking place in our 75 trillion cells. Without enzymes, all of the chemical reactions in our body would come to a halt. Our body produces metabolic and digestive enzymes. Another source of enzymes is raw, living foods. Raw fruits and veggies are full of enzymes. In contrast, dead, processed, and cooked foods have few, if any, enzymes.



Enzymes, Health & Longevity!


Dr. Edward Howell, the Father of Enzymes said ”Enzymes determines the human health and life”. Vast scientific research have concluded that the level of enzymes and its vibrancy determine our health and longevity. It is the most critical substance for life, containing the power of life force itself. All the illness that we are suffering could be attributed to the lack of or imbalance of enzymes in our body. Adequate amount of enzymes in the body promote vitality and youthful physique, while a constantly depleted enzymes supply accelerates aging, affects health and shortens life. There is a finite amount of enzymes called Potential Enzymes in every person, and reducing the depletion of this precious enzyme supply is the secret of longevity.



Why Vitality Enzymes?


When we eat “processed food” such as burgers and ice-cream, the gut becomes overworked and needs to borrow enzymes stored in other parts of the body. We can get away with that for a while, but eventually, those other organs which have been supplying their OWN much-needed enzymes to the stomach and intestines, begin to break down. At that point, we can develop chronic health problems. Vitality Enzymes can help when our body does not produce enough enzymes or the complete spectrum required for proper body functioning. Vitality Enzymes concentrate and enhance the benefits of the ingredients they are made with. Mulberry and Noni are two super fruits that have many health enhancing qualities.



Why Choose our Vitality Enzymes?


  • Proprietary state-of-the-art bio fermentation technology from Japan
  • 100% conscientiously selected organic and all-natural fruits & vegetables
  • Superior strands of microbes carefully selected and cultivated for optimal extraction of nutrients during fermentation
  • More than 365 days of strict complete fermentation for full release of nutrients
  • High SOD (superoxide dismutase) enzymes content
  • Halal-certified
  • Zero preservatives & additives
  • Versatile tinctures crafted using honest innovative methods, concentrate and enhance the essence goodness and antioxidant prowess of the super fruits & vegetables used