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Water Melon Enzyme Cooler

  One of the best ways to keep young through nutrition is to do two things: 1) increase the intake of enzymes and 2) increase the intake of antioxidants Enzyme drinks (different than vinegars) that are carefully fermented and lab tested like this one by Straits Wholefoods marry these...


Honest to Goodness Almond Butter

Most of us would already know that the all time favourite peanut butter is not such a great idea after all because peanuts are often plagued with aflatoxins. Try this really delicious alternative made with brain boosting coconut oil, Masarang Forest Sugar and activated almonds....


Nutty Smoothie Vitality Bowl

I am so in love with thick smoothie bowls laden with delectable nuggets of goodness. This recipe is creamy and satiating. It lasts and lasts in energy because it is laden with nut and seed butters. Plus Vitality Enzymes of Noni and Mulberry to...


Berry Smoothie Youth Bowl

I love these superfood bowls that are all in the rage everywhere now. They are nutritious, filling and very very delicious. Here is a recipe for a mulberry based Super Bowl that will brighten your day....

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Raw Berry Fig Slice

Put this into your kiddos lunch box and enjoy this with some hibiscus tea. A gorgeous, enzyme rich treat. ...

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Raw Mulberry Jam

A delicious, simple, speedy jam. So fast it just takes a yawn to get it done. ...