Virgin Coconut Oil


Straits Wholefoods Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a wonderful fresh-pressed product made from coconuts plucked and processed in their prime. This product is superior because it comes from coconuts grown in the pristine unpolluted soils of Sulawesi.
Many are now recognising that Coconut oil is an excellent source of MCTs and many active ingredients that could help the body detox and rejuvenate. Yet, these qualities are only maximised in top quality, fresh pressed oils.Many coconut oils claim to be cold-pressed, yet this is hardly a measure for freshness; the cold-pressed oils could be coming from copra – or dried coconut meat that could even be roasted to mask the rancidity of age.
Our coconut oil is an honest-to-goodness product that is processed in low temperature throughout, maintaining that active ingredients and aliveness of the oil.