About Us

Maker of Super-functional Foods
Bringing You Beyond Health, To Optimal Vitality

At Straits Wholefoods, we are not only interested in bringing you all natural functional foods that make you healthy; we exist to help you attain OPTIMAL VITALITY! We aim to do this through nutritional therapy – in sourcing the world for the best that nature provides in the plant kingdom and creating  supplemental food products that you would love to incorporate into your health regimen.

Maker of Super Functional Foods

We source the world for the best naturally grown superfoods and make delicious products out of them. We aim to use the most ethical, natural and cutting edge food technology to create products to suit the fast paced modern lifestyle. We see ourselves as stewards of Nature and Humanity. Hence, we want to help you attain vibrant health through bringing you the gifts of Mother Nature in environmentally sustainable ways.

In Harmony with Nature & Humanity

At Straits Wholefoods, we respect and treasure mother nature and humanity. We believe in the abundance and intelligence of Mother Nature and the sustainability of the whole ecosystem. And while we take from Mother Nature the best gifts to enhance our vitality, we aim to give back to her as well. Hence, our business model will always take into consideration fair trade, sustainable  agricultural practices, education and ethical use of food science and biotechnology.

Premium Products of the Highest Quality

We are committed to honest, ethical and innovative practices in food innovation and production. We take care to ensure that all products brought to you are of the best, natural quality and that all people and nature involved in the process of food production are respected and cared for. To reduce the carbon footprint and exemplify our belief in the healing power of the plants, our products are all made suitable for vegetarians.